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Veterans Day Images: Live Images of Veterans day 2014 Events

Veterans Day Images:The Veterans Day is celebrated for the veterans so called the army officials who sacrifice their lives for the people. Unlike remembrance day, veteran's day is celebrated by veteran soldiers who are still alive.However, remembrance day is celebrated in the memory of the soldiers who died on the battlefield. The Veterans Day is an official holiday in the United States for honoring the great army forces and country men who sacrifice their life for protecting the country. The people pay tribute to the army forces that competitive them during the great world wars. Celebrated on 11 November, this is a federal holiday which is celebrated in every state of united nation with great pomp and show. In celebration, we are sharing veterans day images with our readers. You can share these images with your friends and family members.

It is celebrated on the anniversary of the first world war as the great world war ended on 11th November. So, on the anniversary of the world war it is celebrated to pay tribute to army people. The Veterans Day National Ceremony is held each year on November 11th at Arlington National Cemetery in United States. You can even send quotes for veterans day to them. Besides that regular parade and events happen on this special day.

Veterans Day Images
The first Veterans Day was celebrated in United States in the year 1971. When the new law was discovered this came in to power in October 1971. The experts believed that the commemoration of this day should be made patriotic and it should be historic. The day was previously celebrated on October 25, but later on the president in white house signed a law which returned its observance on 11 November. From year 1978 the Veterans Day is continuously celebrated on 11th November in the United States. The basic thought was to build and develop industrial sector for the development of the country and to improve trade which benefit the people.

Veterans day 2014 images

Following are some of the top veteran day 2014 images that you can use. Previously, remembrance day images were shared on this blog.Some pictures are also shared here. Nonetheless, you can go through the images of veterans day 2014 given below. We shall update the page with more latest updates.

The celebration of this day starts with the annual parade which is headed by the honorable marshal with the air born vehicles, members of the parade, officials and the country men. All the vehicles which fallow the martial have a national flag which shows a symbol of nationality and raises a feeling of patriotism among the youth and other citizens of the country. If the program and the parade do not take place due to rain and other natural problem the officials decide a new date and the event happens on that date. Thus the event takes place every year and every part of the country and every state participate in the event.

The government aims to involve youth from every part of the country in this event. Most of the time government sectors are closed. Sometimes when this day fall on the week day, then it is usually celebrated on the next holiday or weekend so that people from all parts of country and every state take part in it. The government can declare holiday for federal employs. 

Thus every year this day is celebrated with great excitement among the people and the participants of parade. Many preparations are being done and other events are being set up for the upcoming Veterans Day which is going to be celebrated on November. Parents and kids can check veterans day for kids ideas. It is important to teach our children the importance of veterans and soldiers. A better way to test their creativity is by asking them to write veterans day or remembrance day quotessaying or poems. This way they will become more creative and learn the value of our culture. 


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